With the holidays around the corner, we wanted to find out what marketers are wishing for as we close out the year. So we asked around, and today we’re sharing what’s on the top of our team’s list to inspire you to start thinking about your own Marketer’s Holiday Wish List.

So Adam, what’s first on your Holiday Wish List?

More Budget!

I’m sure this one makes every marketer’s list at least in one category or another. If you’re not in need of budget for marketing programs, maybe you’re wanting budget for technology upgrades or to invest in more human resources to accomplish your goals faster.

In our B2B Marketing Executive Benchmark survey, executives are wanting more budget to invest in SEO, Social Media marketing, and to launch new initiatives such as Account Based Marketing.

Investments in technology are also high on the list for me because anything that helps you get into market with your programs faster AND collect data and analyze performance in real-time are must-haves for any marketer.

It’s true that your tech stack can sort of make or break your success in your marketing. Which leads into another category of things we heard are on marketers’ wish lists:

Productivity Gadgets!

You may think of gadgets and such as nice-to-haves, but when it comes to managing your day and making the most of your time, there are a few that are making the top of our list.

A Standing Desk – these have been on the market for a while, but we simply can’t deny the latest findings that say sitting is the new smoking. If you sit all day at your desk, you are doing as much harm to your body as if you were smoking. A sedentary life these days is most harmful and standing desks are a really great addition to your office suite. Nowadays, standing desks come in all shapes, sizes and styles. The idea is that you are meant to change your position every 90-minutes or so. From research on ADHD and anxiety, movement intervals throughout the day were found to significantly improve focus and ability to feel calm—even more effectively than some medications. So a standing desk is a great item for any marketer’s wish list. It’s on ours!

Another cool gadget is actually an App that you can use with your Apple Smartwatch. You will have to dig out your Apple Watch that you stopped wearing months ago, But it’s called Workflow. It’s free and you get direct access to your favorite apps and agendas right from your watch face. It’s basically a wearable to-do-list, and the display is very sleek and makes your daily agenda/task list highly visible.  A great gadget for productivity.

On the high-end of marketing productivity gadgets, we got some votes for a Pelaton! I love this one because, for sure if your days are jam-packed and intense, you probably have something on your wish list to help you blow off some of that steam.

Pelaton is just one idea (and by the way, they have an app that’s far less than the bike or treadmill system itself, if you have a gym membership or home gym to use with the app). I downloaded the app just to try it out, and I can totally see how a little time doing the daily workouts on the Pelaton app could improve productivity!

It’s so true. There are gadgets that do work for us, and others that help us do our work better. Having some of both is a great idea. I like this wish list!

I’m going to add one last thing to our Marketer’s Holiday Wish List:

Time Off!

According to a study on sleep debt, it takes four days to fully recover from one hour of lost sleep. And if you’ve lost sleep, chances are your stress has also increased, your eating and exercise habits have waned, and overall you feel like you’re operating at a deficit.

The good news is studies have shown that the body can recover from a high-stress life with a total reset in about 10 days. That may sound like a lot to you, but if you think about it, it will take you a couple of days just to come down from the overwhelm of year-end activities, and then if you can take the next 6-7 days to sleep well, eat well, connect with people you enjoy being around, and set goals for the year ahead, you’ll be ready to go in the New Year. Time off from everything can seem hard to do, but it’s a great one to have on your holiday must-have list this year that will pay you back in dividends when you come back into the office.

That is so, so important. I’m glad you added that to our list.

Well, that wraps up our time for today. Let us know in the comments below what’s on your holiday wish list!

Until next time, remember to Grow your Brand…And drive demand.

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