We’re excited to launch our very own Brand and Demand Solutions Vlog. Our first episode covers the top 10 marketing must-haves to budget for in 2019. We’ll be delving into each one as part of the Vlog series, but watch the video to learn our top ten must-haves.

Do you have all ten of these on your list?

What else is a top priority for you in 2019?

You can also check out this recent article The 4 Surprising Must-haves For Your Marketing Plan to see what an expert panel of marketing executives thought about these top ten. They added some additional ones you may not have thought of yet and want to add for next year.

Each episode will be kept short with a focus on actionable takeaways related to helping marketers who want to grow your brand and drive demand. If you have ideas for topics or would like to join us for a Vlog discussion, please let us know. We look forward to hearing from you and supporting the marketing community!


Welcome to the Brand and Demand Solutions MARKETING IMPACT VLOG


I’m Adam Kahn, Senior Director of Marketing Operations and Demand at Frost & Sullivan


I’m Nicole Coons, Marketing Vanguard and Principal Consultant, Brand and Demand Solutions at Frost & Sullivan


 If you’re not familiar with Frost & Sullivan’s Brand and Demand Solutions practice, we help you tell your story to captivate, engage and convert your ideal audience.


So Adam, why don’t you tell our viewers why we’re starting the Marketing Impact Vlog?


Adam:             Our goal is simple – we want to support the marketing community to overcome challenges and excel in an era of constant change. 


                        To put it another way, we want to be a resource to our marketing sisters and brothers.  Now that we need to keep this to 5 – 10 minutes, we’d better jump right into today’s topic, which is:


The Top 10 Must Have’s On Every Marketers List. David Letterman style, we’re going to investigate what’s in our toolbox for 2019.


Nicole:                        1) Go-to-Market Research

Identifying growth potential.

If you skip this crucial step, you could be planning your entire marketing year based on incorrect or incomplete data.


Adam:             2) Account Based Marketing

80% of marketers measuring ROI say that ABM outperforms other marketing investments.


Nicole:                        3) Content Marketing

Your content marketing strategy should include a mix of self-created and third-party generated content


Adam:             4) Video

Not only does including video in an email lead to a 200+% increase in click-through rate, but its inclusion on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%!


Nicole:            5) Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

While it’s important to lean on experts, it’s equally important to have internal capabilities to continue what they have started.


Adam:             6) Events

                        Even in our digital age,  nothing beats live events. Whether sponsoring or participating, be sure the events you choose provide exceptional value to you and your team.


                        Side note: In a reoccurring Frost survey with marketing executives, more than half of the respondents noted that they generated their greatest marketing return from event sponsorship.


Nicole:            7) Webinars

                        It’s critical to note that you need an integrated strategy leading to and from the live webinar date.


Adam:             8) Social Media

                        Optimize each social channel to extend your content’s reach and garner the highest interaction from your followers.


Nicole:            9) Public Relations

                        Showcase your company, executive thought leadership and announce something newsworthy.


Adam:             Last, but not least #10) Councils & Associations

                        Councils and associations provide annual access to distinct communities. Membership in these groups provides endless networking opportunities and a community to rely on.


                        That’s our top 10. As promised, we’re keeping this series short and to the point. We didn’t get too deep today, in order to set the tone. On our next Vlog we’ll begin to tackle this list in more detail. In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below and let us know what’s on your top 10 list. Did we miss anything? What would you change? All feedback is good feedback.


                        Until next time… Grow Your Brand… And Drive Demand!

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